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Top 20 Active Blogs judged by activewear brand Sundried, and an online poll run on Twitter and Facebook.

Name: Emma Ludlow

Blog: www.swingoutsisters.com

About: I began gymnastics training at age six and progressed to trampolining, athletics and swimming. I’ve always been sporty, but I got really serious about fitness when I joined a gym run by personal trainers. Whilst there, I learnt about kettlebell training and the benefits of weight training for women. The London 2012 Olympics inspired me to change career (I used to be a journalist) and make my passion for fitness my business. I was a finalist in this year’s UK Blog Awards and try to educate women about training effectively, eating well and having a positive self image.

Name: Ruth Hoyle

Blog: www.exerciseangels.co.uk

About: Exercise Angels regularly blog on all things health and fitness. Reaching out to all ages, offering education and information to lead a happy, healthy life. I also have my own radio show, “The Healthy Breakfast Show” This is a great platform for educating and offering evidence based information to the local community and worldwide.

Name: Thomas Dunning

Blog: www.mentalhealthrunner.co.uk

About: I suffer with various mental health issues and passionate to break down the walls of mental health stigma, which I did, some sometimes still do, have to work against. I’m active in the world of mental health and do my bit to talk about my mental health issues as far as doing a news article for ITV news on my past experiences.

Name: Polly Hale

Blog: www.thefitmumformula.com

About: I’m a busy Mum just like you. I’m also just like every other woman in that I really do want to take pride in myself, look after my body, feel good about the way I look and have loads of energy. But with two small children (Aurora is 6 so in now in School, Bella is 3 and still at home with me except for two morning at Nursery), plus a home to run and husband to cook for and clean up after that leaves very little time and energy left for us Mums to have ‘me time’.

Name: Sophie Grace Holmes

Blog: www.sophiegraceholmes.com

About: I’m a dedicated fitness fanatic, health and nutrition enthusiast, speaker and blogger. I also work as a personal trainer, fitness model and sports massage therapist, and love to help others fulfil their fitness goals and personal aspirations while I fulfil my own. I’m passionate about sharing my journey in the hope that it provides inspiration and motivation to others. After being born 10 weeks premature, I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at four months old. At the time, my parents were told I might not make it to 30, let alone my teens.

Name: Sophie Radcliffe

Blog: www.challengesophie.com

About: I love pushing myself physically and mentally. I love being in the pain cave because it's there that I find out the most interesting things about myself that help me to learn and grow into the person and athlete I'd love to become. Beyond that, I love doing things that make me smile.

Eating chocolate and drinking beer. Taking baths. Travelling the world. Laughing with friends. Watching Ted Talks in onesies. Conversations that last until the sun comes up. Sleeping under the stars. Leaving home with my bike, passport and credit card and going where the wind takes me. Mountains, sunrises and lakes. I'm not a natural early riser but I prefer to exercise in the morning to set my day up in the right way. I've lived in cities and in the mountains.

I'm half British, half American. I'm more into personal best than being the first or fastest. I obsess about what something means to me and my journey to get there, not what it means to others or how it compares to them. I believe in dreaming. I focus on fun, and strive for happiness and fulfilment, not perfection. My philosophy is "One Life, Live It"; every day I challenge myself to live a little more, and be the best I can be. I love motivational quotes. I believe in the power of aiming high and self-belief. I believe in YOU.

Name: Amie Forster

Blog: www.fitnessforster.com

About: I am a freelance recipe developer, content creator and qualified personal trainer. I developed this website to share my passion for healthy recipes, fitness and travel.

Name: Beki Cadd

Blog: www.misswheezy.co.uk

About: I’m an asthmatic who used to hate running, and couldn’t puff and pant my way further than about 100m. I have now completed four half marathons, numerous 10ks and 5ks, a duathlon, a 24 hour team trail race, cycled 100 miles, and am eyeing up my very first OCR and possibly even a triathlon! I started writing this blog to document my progress, and look back at how far I’ve come – it still amazes me sometimes. I hope to show other people that asthma doesn’t have to be a barrier to living a healthy active life – and if you think at first you can’t do something, get out there, take on the challenge and prove yourself wrong.

Name: Charlie Watson

Blog: www.therunnerbeans.com

About: My goal is to champion the journey to a healthy, more active life where honest fitness and food makes well-being more accessible to all – without losing sight of the real lives we lead. Making fitness and healthy eating simple, approachable, realistic and without missing out on any of the good things in life.

Name: Annie Brooks

Blog: www.talesofanniebean.com

About: I'm Annie, a fitness, travel and lifestyle blogger. UK-based but on a quest to see the world. I love a lot of things, but particularly, fitness, beauty, health and wellness. I enjoy taking part in triathlons and I'm currently studying to become a personal trainer.

Name: Mollie Millington

Blog: www.ptmollie.com

About: Originally from the USA, I have been in London since January 2011 with my Bristolian husband. With a Bachelors degree in Biology and Masters degree in Zoo and Aquarium Management, I have a 'real' job at a scientific research institution and spend my evenings and weekends training and blogging. Somewhere in there, I manage to find time to exercise.

This website started as a blog for me to showcase my knowledge as a personal trainer. I am very proud of what it has become- a reference for those looking to improve their health and happiness. By sharing stories of my own training and experiences, as well as share recipes, workouts, and new products on the market, my goal is to encourage my readers to try new things outside their comfort zone for personal growth.

Name: Carly Rowena

Blog: www.carlyrowena.com

About: I’m a Personal Trainer and Fitness blogger from the UK. I like to think of myself as the girl next door who never wants to have to turn down a meal just to stay in shape, I’m all about independence and finding a healthy and happy way to feel incredible in our own skin.

Names: Jayne and Bibi Rogers

Blog: www.veggierunners.com

About: We are Jayne and Bibi Rogers, a mother and daughter duo. We started writing Veggie Runners in the summer of 2012, when Jayne ran the 96-mile West Highland Way, and couldn’t find much information about how to do it on a veggie diet. Over the years, we’d built up a lot of fantastic recipes and run experiences. Veggie Runners is our platform to share them and we’re now connected with an amazing community of inspiring people across the world.

Name: Lisa Thake

Blog: www.fatgirlfit.co.uk

About: I am part way through a journey of losing weight and getting fit. This blog follows my journey from an everyday person’s view getting started with fitness, discussing different events I take part in. It’s an honest account of my journey – warts and all!